051824 Blobun Dev Post #2

By Jess

Published on May 18, 2024, 11:35 am

🦊Note: We were unable to post this post on the given date because Patreon was giving us too many issues, and we therefore decided to start posting on the blog. The blog wasn't ready yet, though, so we're just posting this now on the 27th. It is a bit behind where development is now, but I hope you enjoy it all the same.

🦨Back at it again with another dev post. This week was hectic and we've been working on commissions too, so didn't have that much time to get stuff done on Blobun. However, we did get some stuff done, and now I'll tell you about it.

Fancier Autotiling

So the game uses autotiling to generate the walls of the puzzle automatically, so we can change the puzzle layout easily. It's nice, but it has the limitation that every wall has to be very tiny (8x8 tiles.) We've been trying to figure out a way to make the walls 16x16 tiles, and we finally figured it out.


The initial proof of concept wasn't that great, but it did prove that it worked, so it got the job done.


We experimented with some bright colors.


Finally, we figured out something that worked and looks nice. This will allow us a lot of freedom with other stages to make them more intricate while not having to put too much work into it, or having to change a lot if we end up changing the layout later.

Reorganizing the File Structure


While the launch version of the game won't have a public editor, the game is now organized in such a way that it'll be much easier to add one later on. We've been making the editor more user friendly for us, which will translate to being user friendly down the line. Before, all the worldpaks were in the same folder, but now they're grouped into 3 separate folders. Ideally players will just be able to zip up the worldpak folder from the usermade folder, send it to a friend, and then friend puts it in the downloaded folder and it works. Simple and straightforward

Finish Basic Layout of World 2 Puzzles


We now have 20 puzzles, and they're pretty cool. The new editor allows us to make much more complex puzzles, as we don't have to sit there trying to visualize everything. We've been able to design some "gotchas" into the puzzles, so they seem easy to solve, but then trick you. These puzzles are available now to people who are in the testing program.

We also used the new editor to polish the stages in the first world. They look quite nice now.

Hi-Res Stuff

We've been converting more of the menus to hi-res. It's looking pretty good and we're starting to find the design aesthetic for how this will all look in the end.

Sound Effects

We've been experimenting with some store bought sound effects to try to establish the audio profile of the game.

These aren't the real sound effects, but it was a good test to make sure that it was working right.

Misc Things

We put a pretty simple settings menu in the game, where we're experimenting with a "Challenge Speed." In the challenge speed, bun moves twice as fast. You can get really fast clear times with it, but it's also much, much easier to make mistakes. We're seeing how people like it before making it a real feature. We also added an inverted sprint function, so instead of holding the button to sprint, you just always sprint and then you hold the button to slow down.

That's It For Now

These weekly updates probably won't be as substantial as the first update, since that one was summarizing a few weeks of work, while this one summarizes only one. However, we hope that you enjoy them all the same.